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Solar for Non-Profits

Churches/Synagogues and Schools are excellent candidates for solar as most energy consumption occurs during off-peak times for PG&E (when rates are low) and solar generation is during peak summer hours, when rates are high.  Buy Low - Sell High... this leverage can generate substantial savings.  Savings that can be redeployed to services and programs, not electricity.


There is now a special program for $0 Down leasing just for non-profits


  • Get $0 down leasing
  • Fixed energy costs
  • Free monitoring
  • High-efficiency SunPower® systems maximize savings
  • Green branding, marketing and PR in your community
  • Purchase the system at lease-end for a fraction of the cost

A special Federal Grant enables us to make this offer, but time and capacity are EXTREMELY limited, so Act Now!


Click here for more information and to request a free evaluation.