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Residential Solar

We pay some of the highest electricity rates in the country and they will most likely continue to go up. 


A 30% Federal Tax CREDIT make Solar one of the best investments you can make.  PG&E savings yields returns in the 15 - 25% range (Tax Free!). 


Even with NO MONEY DOWN, you can own or lease a Solar System and save money from Day 1.

Solar Financing Options

Leasing WAS the way to go...


Government subsidies made solar leasing very affordable and popular.  That has changed.  Many lease schemes in the market today promise modest savings yet provide no assurance that the system will function 5/10/20 years from now.  Often, you don't even know what solar panel is being installed on your roof (typically the cheapest available from Asia) and the people, company selling or installing the system have limited experience in the industry.


All financing products have a cost.  If you have funds available, the best approach is to purchase a quality system from a reputable dealer.  Remember, this is an investment and you need to manage the associated risks.


If you chose to finance and have good credit, the Solar Advantage Loan gives you full ownership of the system with lower costs that with a Solar Lease...


click here for more informaiton on the Solar Advantage Loan

Energize Your Roof!

The residential design and installation staff at Sky Power Solar are committed to helping you throughout the entire process:  from the first analysis to your meter running backwards.


We understand that this is your home and will probably be the largest investment decisions of your life.  We want you to rest easy knowing you have the best products available, installed by technicians with decades of experience, backed by one of the world's largest comapanies.  Your system will be installed professionally and look great!


Our systems carry a 10 year comprehensive warranty and have manufacturers' warranties of up to 25 years.