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NEW-- $0 Down Solar Lease from SunPower

This is a Game-Changer!

The highest efficiency modules available on the planet!

Unique All-Black surface looks better than anything else on your roof.


Backed by SunPower-- one of the largest solar companies in the world.

The quality of SunPower, now in a lease!

  • No Money Down
  • Save money from Day 1
  • 20 year term
  • "Pre-Paid" option = added savings
  • Performance is Guaranteed
  • Maintenance Included
  • Data Monitoring Included
Typical PG&E Savings finance Lease Payments

SunPower Solar Lease Advantages:

The SunPower lease gives you options, flexibility and clarity on the contract and the equipment. Some leases can substitute a different panel and have a year to do the installation!


You can lease your system now and buy it later.  This is the ONLY LEASE on the market that gives you this option.


High efficincy = less space on your roof-- with SunPower, you will have the space on your roof to power that electric car 5 years from now.


The SunPower lease has a manufacturer's performance guarantee (not from some obscure third party)


Unlike a PPA, any extra production goes to you. There is no "true up" period where you might have to pay for overproduction. Often, PPAs look good until you realize they have underestimated the production to show a low monthly payment.


You may have heard..."a watt is a watt". With the SunPower lease you not only receive more kWh but there is also the "peace of mind" from entering into a long term contract with the most financially sound solar manufacturer in the business and getting the best technology on you roof.

Click to check out the FAQs on the SunPower Solar Lease.