Solar Power Pleasanton CA

In Pleasanton, our beautiful sunshine brings us hot weather and high PG&E bills. But did you know that it can also save you tons of money with solar?

Have you been searching for solar power in Pleasanton CA? You’ve come to the right place. Sky Power Solar has built the solar solutions you’ve been looking for to power your home or business, heat your pool, and even charge your electric vehicle.

Since Pleasanton has generous sunshine, you can expect to save on your energy bill month after month with solar.

Continue reading to discover our top notch solar solutions built with you in mind.

Residential Solar Installations

Ready to see the benefits that solar can bring your home in Pleasanton? Sky Power Solar has the experience and tools to deliver the top notch solar solution you’ve been searching for.

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Commercial Solar Installations

Sky Power Solar has innovative commercial solar solutions designed to combat ever-rising PG&E costs. With top of the line products and over a decade of experience, we’re prepared to help your Pleasanton business install a professional high quality solar system.

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Solar Financing

Have you been searching for a solar financing solution in Pleasanton CA for $0 down with low monthly payments? Sky Power Solar has your answer. With our solar loans, you use your monthly PG&E savings to pay off your balance. Once it’s settled, your solar power is 100% yours, and you’ll enjoy savings month after month.

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The Federal Solar Tax Credit

Get a 30% break in the cost of your system with a federal tax credit when you purchase your system from Sky Power Solar.

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Solar for Electric Vehicles

Are you driving an electric vehicle? Combine your electric vehicle with solar panels to increase your savings and further reduce your carbon footprint.

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SunPower Solar Panels

As the local SunPower Elite Dealer serving Pleasanton, we recommend SunPower solar panels for the best results. Backed with an unbeatable 25 year warranty, the highest efficiency numbers on the market, and a great look, SunPower solar panels are the best in the business.

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Solar Pool Heating

Is your pool heater bloating your utility bill? Solar pool heating may be what you need. You get to keep your current pool pump and the water gets pushed through rooftop solar collectors where it heats up, and then returns to your pool.

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Start Exploring Your Solar Options

Ready to get started with solar power in Pleasanton? Request a free solar quote from Sky Power Solar today to begin your solar journey.

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I was the first to have solar electric in my city. Shortly after I had my system installed, the City of Manteca did so with a system of their own. I am very pleased with my solar electric system. My wife and I are even looking at a hybrid electric car.

K Sandle, Manteca, CA

What made us select Sky Power Solar was their professionalism and attention to detail -- and of course -- their pricing! From the time we signed the contract, we had nothing but smooth sailing -- a prompt and perfect installation, a no-problem inspection, and trouble-free operation ever since. Sky Power Solar will always get our business.

The D'Costas, Castro Valley, CA

It makes us really happy to be using the power of the sun. The system is meeting the projected monthly performance goals provided by Sky Power Solar. We highly recommend Sky Power Solar -- their team was great.

L Busby and J Diane, Livermore, CA

We interviewed three solar electric companies before choosing Sky Power Solar. The Sky Power Solar team educated us about solar electricity, answered our questions, and did an excellent job designing and installing our system.

M and O McFarland, San Rafael, CA

We were very pleased with Sky Power Solar's responsiveness to our questions and concerns during the entire process, starting from the estimate all the way through to deciphering the digital display of our new PG&E Time of Use (TOU) meter which told us we were generating more electricity than we were using. The installation crew was very polite and kept us informed of what they were doing every step of the way. A very satisfying experience.

D Mineau and D Gibson, Menlo Park, CA

We feel great having our own solar electric system which gives up independence from PG&E and dependence on the sun which will forever shine. Hopefully our neighbors will join us so eventually we can create national and local autonomy from big business and wars over energy.

S and E Kingore, El Sobrante, CA

I am completely satisfied with the professional workmanship and the excellent communications that I had with the Sky Power Solar team. Telephone calls were promptly returned, and appointments were all kept and on time. I would recommend Sky Power Solar to anyone who wants a first class solar electric system.

B Birch, Oakdale, CA