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Get Your 30% Tax Credit!

The Federal Government is prepared to give you free money when you install panels with Sky Power Solar. Thanks to this one-time 30% tax credit, going solar has never been more affordable. And once installed, your panels will continue to generate huge monthly savings for decades to come.

Learn More About Tax Credits

Residential Solar

Commercial Solar

Residential Solar

The Bay Area is uniquely suited for harnessing solar power. That’s because we pay some of the highest electricity rates in the country. We are also blessed with abundant sunshine.

Why keep handing over your hard-earned money to PG&E when you can create your own clean and free electricity instead? The Federal Government will even cover 30% of the cost of your solar project.

Commercial Solar

Monetize your roof and turn this unused asset into a money-saving machine. By installing panels today with Sky Power Solar, you can slash your monthly PG&E bills and have more money to invest in your business.

Federal Tax Incentives cover up to 50% of your solar project. Moreover, installing panels on your commercial property can actually attract green-minded customers and sales.

sunpower elite dealer

Your Local SunPower Elite Dealer

There are many solar panel options on the market, but SunPower stands alone. Its panels are the highest performing solar modules in the industry, allowing your system to generate more clean power (and monthly utility bill savings) from your available roof space. In addition, SunPower’s reliability and warranty is unmatched, with 25 years of ironclad protection that covers both parts and labor. Moreover, their unique, all-black designs allow for a beautiful array. You don’t have to choose between aesthetics and savings. With SunPower, you get both.

More About SunPower Products
  • ”I am completely satisfied with the professional workmanship and the excellent communications that I had with the Sky Power Solar team. Telephone calls were promptly returned, and appointments were all kept and on time.

    B. Birch, Oakdale, CA
  • ”By the way, we love it, you guys did a wonderful job.”

    B. Wand, Lafayette, CA
  • ”We were very pleased with Sky Power Solar's responsiveness to our questions and concerns during the entire process, starting from the estimate all the way through to deciphering the digital display of our new PG&E Time of Use (TOU) meter which told us we were... Read More

    D. Mineau and D. Gibson, Menlo Park, CA
  • ”Thank you! We had a stellar day today. Thank you for great customer service. We just love the system and are very pleased.”

    D. Ralph, Pleasanton
  • ”Thanks for the solar power system. I am happy with it. Currently, my electricity is free. Your company did a good job and I am pleased.”

    E. Ballou, El Sobrante, CA
  • ”Thank you very much for the very well executed project! We would love to be a reference for your company.”

    E. Bisek, Fremont, CA
  • ”We are excited about our solar power. My daughter and my husband love watching the meter run backwards.”

    J. Drabek, (Sierra Club staff member), Oakland, CA
  • "Thanks for being so good to work with."

    J. King, Livermore, CA
  • ”Fast work and looks great. Love the system.”

    J. Tibbetts,, San Pablo, CA
  • ”I was the first to have solar electric in my city. Shortly after I had my system installed, the City of Manteca did so with a system of their own. I am very pleased with my solar electric system. My wife and I are even looking at a hybrid electric car.”

    K. Sandle, Manteca, CA
  • ”It makes us really happy to be using the power of the sun. The system is meeting the projected monthly performance goals provided by Sky Power Solar. We highly recommend Sky Power Solar -- their team was great.”

    L. Busby and J. Diane, Livermore, CA
  • ”We interviewed three solar electric companies before choosing Sky Power Solar. The Sky Power Solar team educated us about solar electricity, answered our questions, and did an excellent job designing and installing our system.”

    M. and O. McFarland, San Rafael, CA
  • ”Our project went as planned, on schedule and within budget. Our only surprise is how well everything worked. We now have more free power than we need!”

    R. and J. Cooley, Pleasanton, CA
  • ”We feel great having our own solar electric system which gives up independence from PG&E and dependence on the sun which will forever shine. Hopefully our neighbors will join us so eventually we can create national and local autonomy from big business and wars over energy."

    S. and E. Kingore, El Sobrante, CA
  • ”Sky Power Solar was a pleasure to do business with. They explained everything and answered all my questions. They gave a very competitive quote and delivered exactly as promised. Go solar!”

    T. Hughes, North Berkeley, CA
  • ”Working with Sky Power Solar was effortless. I could not be happier with the service and the results. I am amazed! Everyone should be going solar because it's now cheaper than paying PG&E. Seeing the meter go backwards is wonderful!”

    T. Jersey, Berkeley, CA
  • ”Thank you very much for the work you and your crew did here.”

    T. Reinhardt, Woodside, CA
  • ”What made us select Sky Power Solar was their professionalism and attention to detail -- and of course -- their pricing! From the time we signed the contract, we had nothing but smooth sailing -- a prompt and perfect installation, a no-problem inspection, and trouble-free operation ever since... Read More

    The D'Costas, Castro Valley, CA
  • ”I would recommend Sky Power Solar to anyone. They not only built us a system that knocks the heck out of our power bills, but also fits in wonderfully with the aesthetics of our house and garden. We couldn't be more pleased.”

    Tracy, Richmond, CA
  • ”Sky Power Solar made the transition to solar electricity seamless, trouble-free and satisfying!”

    V. M., El Cerrito, CA