home with solar panels on roof
May 22, 2019

Save on the cost of your solar installation with the Federal Investment Tax Credit, and reduce your remaining energy bill with PG&E net metering. Solar contractor Sky Power Solar has helped homeowners throughout the Tri Valley save on their solar installation costs through California solar incentives.

solar panels on roof
May 15, 2019

Get the most from your solar investment with a custom designed solar PV system by Sky Power Solar, serving the greater San Francisco and Tri-Valley areas. Learn more about the benefits of a custom designed system and how you can have one installed on your roof or property.

woman with calculator
May 8, 2019

Wondering how much solar panels cost? Find out by getting a clear and detailed solar quote from Sky Power Solar, serving the greater San Francisco and Tri-Valley areas. We'll answer your questions about solar power and help you understand what goes into determining the cost of a solar PV system.

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May 1, 2019

Grasping how net metering and your new solar installation can save you money is key to getting the most out of the renewable energy of the sun. Sky Power Solar is the premier solar contractor for homes and businesses in the greater Bay Area. Schedule your free solar quote today!

solar panels on roof
April 24, 2019

Solar panel technology has made leaps and bounds in affordability, durability, and efficiency in the last ten years. If you are looking to have a solar electric system installed in your Tri Valley home, trust the Diamond Certified solar specialists at Sky Power Solar to answer all of your solar related questions.

electric bills
April 18, 2019

Take control of your unpredictable energy bills with a custom designed solar PV system for your Tri-Valley home. Sky Power Solar installs top of the line SunPower solar panels for decreased electricity bills and energy independence in Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, San Joaquin, & Santa Clara counties.

low sun shining on solar panels
February 14, 2019

The Federal Investment Tax Credit will start to sunset after 2019, so now is the time to install solar and take advantages of valuable incentives. Install solar with Sky Power Solar and choose from a wide selection of attractive, high performance solar panels, plus find a flexible financing option that works for you.

saving energy, money notes in a notebook
January 15, 2019

Resolving to save more energy and money in the new year? Check out these simple tips for saving energy, and find out how going solar can make your home even more sustainable. Learn more from Sky Power Solar, the Tri-Valley area's local solar panel installer.

solar, solar pv, solar system , solar power, ground mount, roof mount, sky power solar, ca
October 22, 2018

Solar PV systems are growing in popularity in the Tri-Valley, and it may have you wondering what your options are for solar. Find out with your local solar contractor, Sky Power Solar, whether roof mounted or ground mounted solar panels make more sense for your home.

solar energy, solar power, solar pv systems, renewable energy, skypower solar, ca
October 15, 2018

Considering going solar but want to know if it is a wise investment? Get a free solar quote today for your Tri-Valley home with the experts in solar installation at Sky Power Solar.


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