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April 18, 2019

Some Surprises can be fun but when you are regularly surprised at the size of your energy bill, surprises can lose their appeal pretty quickly.

After a particularly wild year for the Tri-Valley power grid in 2018, the aftermath here in 2019 is looking to be equally unpredictable. PG&E is in the thick of bankruptcy negotiations and is planning to keep their finger on the trigger for forced outages to avoid another devastating wildfire. On top of all that, PG&E is asking for over a $1 Billion+ rate increase.  One thing that is predictable is ever-increasing energy costs from PG&E.

These kinds of energy bill frustrations may have you asking “What can I do to be more energy independent with my home?” The answer here in the Golden State is high performance, low cost residential solar energy.

Looking to the Future with Solar Energy

There’s no doubt you have seen solar panels popping up of rooftops throughout the Tri Valley area. In the early days of solar energy, solar panels represented the latest in technology and green consciousness. But advancements in the efficiency of solar panels has made solar energy much more affordable in recent years — which is why the state of California has mandated solar energy as the future of renewable electricity. (As of 2020, any newly built home in California will be required to have solar panels).

With a high performance solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed in your home, you can finally take the power back from the electricity companies. In essence, an investment in solar energy for your home secures a more stable financial future for your utility bills, by offering decades of reduced, stable energy costs.

Designing Your Energy Independence

At Sky Power Solar, we make sure to take every necessary factor into account when you come to us to design your step towards energy independence. You need to keep the lights on, but you don’t want to be handcuffed to the rising energy prices. Factors that will help determine your solar system design include:

  • Current and future energy demand-- are you going to get an EV perhaps?  Are kids going off to college?

  • Local climate

  • Shade

  • Angle and direction of your roof

Your Current Energy Demand

A solar PV system that will provide lasting, renewable energy for your home must be sized to accommodate the energy demand of your home. Our team will take a look at your energy history and any planned changes to and determine how many panels your home requires

How Climate Affects Solar

The amount of sunshine your property receives each year will also factor into determining the number of solar panels required for your solar PV system.  The ideal roof faces south (gets sun all day), but an East or West facing roof can also work… this needs to be factored in.


Does your home get good sun or are you in one of the areas of the TriValley fortunate enough to be surrounded by valley oaks or coastal redwoods?  It should not surprise you that solar energy generation is directly related to the amount of sun hitting the solar panels throughout the year. Sky Power Solar can do an analysis to predict the impact of chimneys, nearby trees, poles, buildings, hillsides on your solar production, so that your are getting the right sized system for your needs.

Roof Mount or Ground Mount?

The roof is the best place for solar panels because it is up high, gets good sun, is relatively easy to attach solar panels,  probably out of sight, but that is not the only option. If you have space on your property that receives good sunshine, you can also have a ground mounted system installed.  You generally can fit a lot more solar on a ground rack than the roof, but it costs a bit more (since you have to build and install the rack and trench the power to your house).

Take Advantage of the “Sun and the Sky”!

Installing top of the line solar panels with the experts at Sky Power Solar will provide your home with all the power you need to take control of your energy bills. And when you schedule your installation before the year's end, you can reduce your carbon footprint, your energy bill, and the overall cost of your custom solar PV system by taking advantage of the 26% savings offered by the Federal tax credit! So don’t wait, and schedule your free solar quote today.

Is it time to take the power back from your energy bill? Reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint with Sky Power Solar. Call us at (925) 202-2783 or contact us to schedule your free solar quote.

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