Solar Battery Concept
August 21, 2018

Going solar is an attractive way to power your home, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, these are the top reasons our Tri-Valley customers choose Sky Power Solar to design and install their solar panels.

There is a lot of talk about backup batteries these days… thank you Elon Musk for over-hyping everything-- including the Power Wall (originally introduced in May 2015, but has yet to catch on with the masses as promised). Does it make sense to add battery storage to your solar system? Unless you have a specific need for battery backup, such as medical equipment or continuous internet operation, battery storage is not be a wise investment (for now).

Battery Storage is Expensive

Storage batteries are expensive, even with generous tax incentives and state rebates, you can expect to pay around $5000.  You can buy a generator (powered by gas, propane, natural gas) for $300 - $1000 that will do the same thing.

How often does the power go out?  Not that often (Unless we are talking about remote areas with an unstable power grid)…

Battery Storage is LIMITED

Promises are made about whole-house, business as usual, non-stop power… not so fast… typical battery backup systems power some lights, outlets (laptop, TV, phone charger), refrigerator, kitchen, but NOT your oven, A/C, non-essential lights... and only for a short duration.

Time of Use PG&E rates

Sounds like a good idea (and it is)... charge your batteries at night (when rates are low) and discharge them during the evening (when rates are high).  Good idea, but this would take a lot of batteries and the rate differential is not nearly big enough to make this economical (for now).

But we can do it...

Still interested in battery systems?  Tell us why and we can do it… we can also handle the PG&E rebate paperwork for you (be patient).  Do it with your solar system, and get a 26% Federal Tax Credit.

Wondering whether battery storage makes sense for your home solar energy system? Contact us or call (925) 202-2783 today to learn more about sensible, cost-effective solar power options.

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